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Polsky says Canada's outdated technology laws are just part of the problem.

"Most of them came in at about the same time fax machines were being developed … "The laws were built to respond to technology that's quite obsolete right now.

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(Zoosk.com) It's an issue that's on the radar of the Office of Canada's Privacy Commissioner.

[They] haven't been updated in a way that helps protect privacy of individuals.

"Right now in Canada, there's nothing to stop an organization from gathering that information about you and doing pretty much as they please with it as long as you're notified." That notification is the key — and also the problem.

There’s even a Flo Rida and T-Pain song named after it!

But there’s so much more to know about Zoosk, and we’ve got the details below — with 12 facts we bet you didn’t know.

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Turns out it was the name of an exciting new dating site.

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