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I am a huge fan of the cartoon Code Lyoko and the Tokusatsu genre that includes Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai.

However, a dark secret lays within the hospital—one that may tear the two lovers apart. Will this unexpected and bizarre turn of events finally bring either of them the courage to confess their feelings for each other? "It's like, when I jumped that day, something deep inside me really just wanted to die.

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction When Yurio meets a long lost skating mate from years back, he realizes that they really do share something in common.

Victor and Yuri, who are both loving fathers for their son Yurio, notice how he had been acting lately and after figuring out what... Never did either believe that they'd end up the way they are now. Yuuri being an average 23 year old male from Japan who happened to once been in last place at the Grand Prix finals.

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Her captor wasn't supposed to be a ghost from her past, and she wasn't supposed to become his ally..his lover. multichap Why oh why is coming up with fanfiction titles so hard? Now, 20 years later, a new kid enrolls at Kadic and discovers the supercomputer. Mazel is a slave girl in Egypt, just chosen by Tikki to be a hero named Ladybug.

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  1. But when a new threat arises—one that could catch even the Two-Leggers off guard—it's up to Calib and his friend Cecily to unmask the real enemy, unite their forces, and save the castle they all call home.