Who is the white man toni braxton is dating dating advice for the shy guy

Just another spear chucker whose ancestors are only 4 generations removed from the jungle.

And yet the White man/women pay homage to these creatures.

"I went on a few dates with a Caucasian guy, super nice, super cute, super sexy," she told the website. Thus she is not as completely hideous as a full blooded sheboon and therefore "attractive" to white males of less discerning standards. but its not "racist" except these days anything that acknowledges race is "racist".. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but I just do not believe in the black/white maxing BS, and it is beyond obsurd to hear it come out of her groid mouth, I just plain do not like it is all.

And with this, of course, comes tabloid rumors on who the singer is dating!Well geez, I could have told you that a long time ago.Or maybe not, don't need to let females of other races loose on white men.We reached out to Craig for comment and we're sure we'll be hearing from him shortly.Toni Braxton has made yet another racist gaff in regards to dating a white man, and also reveals that she is still seeing her ex-husband.

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The singer caused up a stir earlier this month when telling Anderson Cooper that she was playing in the snow, when referring to dating a white man. "My ideal kinda guy, if I was really gonna go there even though hes married, is Mark Wahlberg.

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