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I also knew this mother fucker was going to feed me right, so I showed up with an appetite.I don’t know if any of you have drank with me before, but I don’t just eat when I’m drunk, I EAT when I’m drunk. I don’t remember too many details, but I do know that there was a seafood tower and a 0 bottle of wine.He did all of those things voluntarily, but I still felt like I was using him.I felt like one of those unloyal hoes that Chris Brown keeps whining about.I felt like it was wrong to accept all of these lavish gifts from a person I had no intention of sleeping with. He went off and called me ungrateful, saying that I had issues with men.I’m pretty sure not fucking him and not accepting the shoes was me doing something that my father would actually be proud of. Long story short, they did not accept returns so I’m stuck with these ridiculous shoes that are just sitting in my closet reminding me of the puke I should have sold.The other day, hubby and I went to a nice date night. Check out previous date-night Herve Leger outfits: ombre high neck Herve Leger, and colorblock halter Herve Leger.

I had four of them in less than an hour and didn’t feel bad about it at all.I was just a bartender at the time and doing some freelance production work aka unemployed.To come to the point, a lot of my days were free so I would just cruise around with her and watch rich people be rich people.I decided to wear my most comfortable wedges from Marshalls with skinny jeans and a top from Forever 21.From there, I pretty much just caked my face with foundation and then dipped it in bronzer. He picked me up in his 911 Porsche convertible and was actually super nice despite the fact that his entire outfit loudly expressed that it cost more than my entire life savings.

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