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I dipped my toes in the water with girl/girl for the first 4-5 months.I worked for Naughty America for my first boy/girl and then with Brazzers the next day for my second boy/girl and I just remember having such a fantastic time.I did some glamour stuff, some nude stuff and I was always more comfortable going nude and sexy and erotic.I wanted to push my boundaries and satisfy my curiosity.I was never the kind of person to pick somebody up.

I was dancing for a few years and my style was a little bit more burlesque.So, I did some stuff for Playboy and did a few of their parties.I wasn’t in the magazine but I was in some Special Editions. I had too many tattoos for the magazine but they thought I’d fit on Playboy Live.(laughs) So I’ve always been very sexually open and very curious.I’ve always been kind of hyper-sexual but I never really slept around too much with absolute strangers.

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