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If the same value already exists in the specified range (count greater than 1), COUNTIF returns FALSE and the input fails validation.Please pay attention that we lock the range with absolute cell references (A:$A) and use a relative reference for the top cell (A2) to get the formula to adjust properly for each cell in the validated range.

If you use a formula-based criteria in a built-in rule (like we did to validate times based on the current time), it can also return another numeric value.With the argument set to 2, WEEKDAY returns an integer ranging from 1 (Monday) to 7 (Sunday).So, for weekdays (Mon to Fri) the result of the formula should be less than 6, and for weekends (Sat and Sun) greater than 5.In cell C4, the employee will enter a starting date for the vacation.To ensure that a valid date is entered in cell C4, data validation is used, to set a start date and end date. Type start and end dates in the rules Enter start and end dates on a worksheet To ensure that they enter a date in the year 2017, you can apply data validation to that cell, and type a start and end date in the rules.

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