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However, once I started to actually play games my worries faded.

The impact of Mura effect is negligible in the majority of games and it did not affect me at all.

The Reverb features custom Fresnel lenses that the company claims to allow for a wider 114° FOV.

Of course the star of the show: the two high resolution 2k*2k* pixel LCD displays that with 2.89 inch are rather small as compared to the competition and therefore allow for an even higher pixel density.

Dear all, I have just finished my full HP Reverb review.

The same 2 camera inside-out tracking is at play here that works great for 6DOF head tracking and is good enough for the vast majority of games.

I was truly amazed when I first started XPlane 11 and sat in that Cessna.

The cockpit looked as real as if I was truly sitting in that plane. I could read all gauges with ease and the visual quality was near photo realistic.

Combined with a design that brings together the best of the original Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go, the HP Reverb is a very comfortable headset that will not only appeal to the enterprise market but also to VR enthusiasts and simulator fans who are looking for the next real upgrade to their existing setup.

Despite a few flaws that I will address later in this review, at 0 the HP Reverb is a clear recommendation for anyone who wants the sharpest picture that is available in VR today.

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