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Whether it gets fixed in 10.5.7 remains to be seeing. We're running Nvidia and are contemplating an ATI card to see if that fixes the problem.Not being able to calibrate the monitor is a big problem here.Hi, After trying to remove ENS from the e PO and failed, I used the mcafee removal tool and also failed.Program and features in the control panel does not show any of the ENS products but the folders are located in C drive.So thinking that 10.5.7 will fix the problem may not be wise - if you have the option to roll back to 10.5.4, you might want to consider doing that.We've ordered an ATI card so we can swap out the Nvidia card so we don't find ourselves stuck at 10.5.4 for who knows how long. Rolling back would be an option, but with 10.5.7 only days and weeks away, I think I will wait. I would love to buy a Mac Pro to have options switching graphic cards, hdd and memory and so on, but my budget for this year is limited. Someone can told me how can I calibrate my monitor via DDC?But it can be a crap shoot so you are looking at possibly spending nearly 0 to try them all only to find out you have to format anyway. Maybe I have been lucky but before 10.5.6 I have never had any major problem with an update.First you need to start up from your OS X Installer disc which came with your Mac Book (Insert into your optical drive and restart holding down the "C" key). After this step you will notice that the menu bar at the top of the screen appears - select "Disk Utility" from the "Utilities" menu. Icons in dock jerky Everything slow Mail stopped working and could not force quit - Safari also Disk Utility would not repair permissions nor would Cocktail I reinstalled 10.1.

Wiped again, and upgraded to 10.5.4 and was back in business.

I have several systems running 10.5.5 and in conjunction with ddc/ci compliant monitors from Lacie, NEC and Samsung. All the PPC boxes no longer communicate with their respective calibration software applcations once this update has been installed.

All with their respective monitor calibration software. The ddc/ci handshake is no failing to initialize in all these packages.

Once repairs are complete click the "Repair Permissions" button. Run Disk Utility to repair any errors it might find. You should be able to run it from your backup drive and apply it to the internal drive. Cannot reinstall combo update without booting up on internal HD.

T.] status of the hard drive which should be reported as "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the sub-entry below the your main hard disk drive, select the "First Aid" tab and click the "Repair Disk" button. Since you have a bootable backup drive you may be able to solve your problem without a good deal of pain.

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Derek Cooper Photography 1-888-767-9106Hi, I hope 10.5.7 will fix the DDC/CI communication.

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