Ultimate age gap relationship dating possibilities

Day-age creationism states that the "six days" of the Book of Genesis are not ordinary 24-hour days, but rather much longer periods (for instance, each "day" could be the equivalent of millions, or billions of years of human time).

The physicist Gerald Schroeder is one such proponent of this view.

From the 18th century onwards, old Earth creationism accepted geological time harmonized with Genesis through gap or day-age theory, while supporting anti-evolution.

Modern old-Earth creationists support progressive creationism and continue to reject evolutionary explanations.

This was used in public presentations, then published in 1999 in Reports of the NCSE.Most young Earth creationists believe that the universe has a similar age as the Earth.A few assign a much older age to the universe than to Earth.Some gap creationists expand the basic version of creationism by proposing a "primordial creation" of biological life within the "gap" of time.This is thought to be "the world that then was" mentioned in 2 Peter 3:3–7.

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