Turn friendship into dating

It is important to know the reason behind the problem before trying to solve it.

What you should do is renegotiate the terms of your friendship with your friend.

Do you prefer to remain friends even if guy/girl comes to the conclusion that he/she will not give you what you need?

Transforming love from friendship is very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Find the best way to turn friendship into love and relationship.

This will help you come out of friend zone and make your friend attracted and fall in love. The guy/girl simply sees you as a friend so check the signs if you are friend zone.

Spend more time with other friends and talk about them often. This is the time when jealousy will help to realize your friend that even he/she loves you.

If we believe that others are attracted to us, but it is not true, we will adopt behaviors that end up turning this into reality, confirming our initial belief.

This lack of interest is not a problem for the love, because of your strong feelings, often overtime the sexual and loving interest of your friend might develop for you.

The funny thing is the effect it has on the desired friend will begin to adopt behavior to match the interest aroused in love.

Thus, he/she has all the benefits of a girlfriend/boyfriend except the physical benefits.

The second occurs when they are friends with benefits.

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