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He looked around trying to find the source of the ghost sense.

But then as he turned around he got hit by a fist sending him flying to the air."Ugh... The executioner then started swinging his axe at Danny but Danny was easily able to dodge all of his attacks.

The executioner then started pulling Danny down towards his school.

After being pulled into the school hall, Danny transformed into his human form and crashed on the ground but the ghost and his lasso were gone."Okay, the next time I meet that ghost, he's toast." said Danny as he stood up."You! " said a woman wearing a blue dress on a stage causing all the boys to cry in disappointment.

The Fable of Danny Phantom returns will an all new twist.

Danny has finally defeated Pariah in battle and saved both Amity Park and the Ghost Zone.

Danny quickly charged up his right fist and sent a mega punch to the Executioner.

The executioner then finally collapsed."Seriously dude, what's with the getup? " said Danny but then the executioner returned and used his Lasso to grab Danny's legs.

Though he tried his best to get some rest, that dream never stopped haunting him.I'm gonna be feeling that tomorrow morning." said Danny as he saw the ghost. Danny quickly charged fire into his fists and upper cutted the executioner into the air."RAGH!" screamed the executioner as he started charging at Danny, locking their hands together.He would constantly have that same dream every night of Perona being taken away by the shadow ghost.He kept on shaking in fear on his bed until he finally woke up."Damn it...it's that dream again. " said Danny as he finally decided to get out of his bed.

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They all started touching and seducing Danny."Hey Danny, you know I always liked you right? After breaking down all the boulders, he immediately slammed his fists on the ground causing flame spikes to appear from the ground."Okay not bad, I've finally learned how to manipulate the magic on my hands into attacks.

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