Trust your gut in dating

The problem is you wish it was a different answer and instead of accepting it, you whittle away what you know with rationalizations.

Our thoughts and feelings have the power to guide and protect us, but it’s on us to listen to them.

Or a time when your gut instinct was totally spot on?

Your intuition is rarely wrong, so why do you spend so much time doubting it?

In time, my instincts gave me a big “I told you so.” Everything I suspected turned out to be true and the most painful breakup probably in the history of the world (or at least, in the history of my life) followed.

For example, if you’re debating whether or not to dump your boyfriend, ask yourself: “Should I break up with him? The real answer will most often come first, then the excuses and justifications will pile on top. Try to stay mindful and conscious throughout the day, check in to see what you’re thinking and feeling. You can use this time to meditate, do yoga, journal, take a walk around the park–anything that will give you the space to check in with yourself.I didn’t want to admit it though, and planted my feet firmly in denial-ville.I never felt that way about anyone before and the prospect of him not being on the same page was too painful a pill to swallow…I didn’t.Many moons ago I fell very hard for a man who was very wrong for me.I was infatuated with him immediately and the symphony of warning bells was drowned out by an inundation of emotions I had never felt before. I knew I couldn’t trust him and I knew the relationship would end in disaster.

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Think about how much hurt you would have saved yourself had you listened to that gentle voice that said: “You deserve more than this, you don’t need this guy.” The voice of your ego is loud and overpowering. He told you that you were the most amazing women he’s ever met, so I mean, DUH!

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