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No matter what the plans are, put some thought into making it special, and it will make the time pass more quickly until you’re together.Keeping your eyes on the road could have a few different meanings when dating.Green grabbed her, but she ended up escaping and started running down the streets screaming that she’d been raped and needed help, authorities say.Green, who apparently had an extra key, took off, she said.

Keeping your relationship healthy can lead to a healthier life overall for any trucker.

She woke up in the man’s truck Tuesday morning with her underwear missing, she told St. Police responded after she jumped out of Green’s truck near Hudson Road and Van Dyke Street around a.m.

and started screaming for help, the complaint said.

Travel schedule, time away from home, long hours during the day and sleeping at truck stops can make things tough for any relationship.

But making the most of the technology options available, keeping focused on your job and your health in your downtime, and always having something special to look forward to with your partner can make things easier.

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Truck drivers who travel long distances have a very tough schedule and a very stressful job.

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