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If you are going on a date not knowing what you will do, it will be a flop.Such attitude to a date is stupid and will lead you nowhere.Choose the topics for conversation, which are interesting to both of you.

In such a way she will be engaged in the conversation and tell you some information about her life, which will be useful for you.

Still, if you are talking about yourself all the time, she will think you are a narcissist and do not care about her.

That is why, you must not tell her your biography starting with the day you were born. On the other hand, if you are being opaque, mumbling something or stammering, the girl may think that you are a nerd, who sees a woman for the first time in his life and will definitely not want to continue communication with you. Women are always trying to get something out of me…” Do you think she will pity you and want to continue communication? You must always stay positive and take any problems easy, which will definitely be appreciated by a girl.

Contact anyone you might share common interests with and see where it goes.

If you’ve never been attracted to brunettes, loosen up a bit.

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  1. Here are the top 5 reasons why women flock to the Juan’s and Jose’s of the world! He’d holler at my mother to get him a fork (cause he couldn’t walk on his two good legs), but he’d cry at a wedding.