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On another occasion, the defendant faked an asthma attack to avoid the mum’s challenge to take off her hood.She also contacted the girl as herself saying the non-existent boy was “head over heels” for her, drawing the young victim in further.“She is socially isolated, exceptionally immature and vulnerable in her own right.” She said Johnson’s actions were “childlike”, easily detected, and inappropriate, but Johnson believed they were loving and did not understand the consequences.She said Johnson was “exceptionally challenged” with a very low IQ and a very troubled start in life where she was “pushed from pillar to post”.

Ivan Dodig and Filip Polasek win one of the doubles points of the week at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.

He told her: “I consider this was deliberate, well planned, targeted abuse of young girls.” He sent her to a young offenders’ institution for nine years and four months with a year’s extended supervision.

She was given a sexual harm prevention order governing her contact with under-16s and internet use, and will be on the sex offenders’ register, both indefinitely.

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While you're here check out the boards, chat, groups, galleries, videos and images. My husband's bday today and he's always wanted me to show myself of to strangers and pervs.

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Meetings were arranged with that phantom boy but he never turned up.

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