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Find some nice perfume and stay away from those cheap perfumes that wear off after the first hour.

When it comes to dating in Russia Russian men are still very traditional and still consider it a mans duty to pay the bill after a night out at a restaurant.

Russian women would off had a lot of experience with drunk men , having a few drinks and becoming even slightly drunk will ensure you never see this women again.

Even if your date is drinking moderately or several glasses of champaign always keep a clear head especially on the first date.

If you are seeking a long term relationship it is important to take it steady and wait until at least 3/4 dates before you even think about getting too close to her.

Have you decided to sign up to a Russian dating site in the hope of meeting a Russian women ? If the answer is yes then you need to be aware of simple mistakes that deem your relationship dead from the very first meeting with your Russian women.

Many Western men who are thinking of dating a Russian women are unaware of some very simple dating rules when meeting a Russian girl.

As you can guess Russian women are not expecting any different when meeting a foreign guy and why should they?

If you are serious about dating a Russian women then you need to come to the idea of paying all the bills whilst dating, if your expecting your Russian girl to pay half then you really are in the wrong place and clearly Russian dating is not going to be for you.

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