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She is a great actress who has done movies and dramas played variety of roles. Hi every one this my first comment here I knew Korean drama from 10 years and this actress one of the most important actress in korean drama industry her beauty, talent, and many many more. love you and take care always Hi Ye-Jin shi, you are very pretty. THANK YOU please keep always shining , as I always love to see you from my place in Egypt unnie~~~u r xoooo beautiful and the most beautiful lady of korea~~and u also have great acting skill~~~i am a big crazy fan of u~~~we always support u forever~~~i think u and lee min ho are best match but u r xoooo beautiful that u r more match with flower boys than strong men~~~ she is just amazing i watched the tower, the art of seduction, personal taste and open city and i liked her acting so much; SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO professional in personal taste she was so natural and i liked her character; the drama is light and fresh a little bit different from her roles in movies but it rooooooooooooooooooocks n______n love her Son Ye-Jin. i love the way you acted together w/ lee min ho in your drama series "personal taste",both such good actor and actress and you and lee min ho,perfect match..partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube".I sow all her movies, she was super I cried in many of them. But her tv drama not like her movies she is the best things in all her tv drama. i hope i can have your real facebook account, contact info, e-mail address and most of all, i hope i can see and meet you personally here in my country. Your acting in Personal taste( the first time I saw you) is very natural. you made me cry and laugh the moment i watched it...i'm hoping to see and meet you personal! excellent in in acting-wise, already talented since her debut, have one of Korean best visual, and also really famous not because of her beauty only but also her brilliant and natural acting and can shine in every role she has, even in such disappointing drama like Personal Taste (really wasted her talent).Congratulations, Ye-Jin, for winning Best Actress (again) for this one, which s screened not only in Asia but worldwide! thank you unnie for sharing your gift to of relieving the emotions by the way you use your talent. saranghe unnie your partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube". Looking forward to your next one, and many more to come. I realized, I've watched almost all her movies except Secret tears, Yobi the fox and her 2 recent movies, yet; I have also watched all her dramas except Sun Hee and Jin Hee, cannot find any links for this. i just wish that netflix would have this on its "watch instantly"so i can watch it me hooked on you that i asked a korean cashier in a korean store in ny where to purchase korean dvds and now that i found the place, rest assure that i'll purchase your movies/soaps...keeping my fingers crossed to your next project w/ lee min-ho...thank you so very much for the happiness you bring to me & to the rest who appreciate you both... Sincere appreciation and best wishes to my favorite Miss Son Ye Jin happy forever, just for you. son ye jin and lee min ho share amazing on screen chemistry, they looked so good together. wow..i like Son Ye Jin..especially when i watched Perfect match or Personal preference..beautiful and gorgeous woman...i wish i see her someday..i want to watch Art of Seduction..funny movie with song il guk...i love SOn ye jin... she can do any role and it always fit to herself.... And the last one was very nice but also very slow I hope I will see her in more and more movies and tv drama I loved her and I still , I hope she will live her life happily and I hope she will find someone love her like something in the rain. When I checked up your profile did I found out that you do a lot of movies. god bless you always...blessings to come into your life,son ye-jin! actually i didn't really like Son Ye-jin first because i heard she has some nude scene in her movies (i just can't stand on it).Although I first saw Son Ye-Jin's photos in 2006, I kind of forgot after that, and only see my first SYJ movie/drama in "Be with You" (2018). Being one who watch new movies 10x a month -- Hollywood, China, Korean etc -- I must say hers is next level acting : SYJ really pushed the quality of her scenes up by 3 notches. I don't know about acting, but I feel that the small screen can reach more fans. but after i watched an underrated but really brilliat drama called Alone in Love, my vision about her changed.JYP also stated Sun Mi is welcome to continue her musical career with the group at anytime. So,it is not impossible that maybe lee min ho is the boyfriend of koo hye sun in real life..,, why do you say so?! If you want to know their names in, Sun, Lim, Sohee, Yenny and Yubin.

I have much to catch up indeed, but better late than never, especially for SYJ ! BUT then I saw her in Open City, she is a Femme Fatal... I couldn't believe my eyes, I was used to seeing her all washed out and frumpy with horrible hair but she sizzled in this one... I praise her performance is always above the average. :) Son Ye Jin is all packed with beauty, brains and talent. She can act very well either drama, action, comedy. Know you, love you for me is a very happy thing, a very fantasy feeling. i was so hooked on perfect match, this got me addicted to kdramas all over again. whatta great actress ,,, i love the tandem of you and lee min ho in perfect match i hope you will have a drama series or movie with lee min ho again... For me, I love you more than just the actors but I want to emulate the success of the object, because I see in you what is called "strong and courage," Every time I am uneasy at the time, because the choose to believe and adhere to so I will do everything. and i hope that perfect match or personal taste have a part 2....... She's very beautiful (the kind that gets better the longer you look at her) and very talented with a sweet voice to match. SYJ portrays a scene with subtly great expressions. Is it my fault to think that because of their looks? Ye Jin Son has been my favorite actress (of any country) since I saw her in 2003's The Classic, which I still believe to be the best Korean film ever made. It will be wonderful if you can work with Ju Ji-Hoon in a romance. overnight, she suddenly become my #1 actress in my heart. Waoh,i love son ye jin and her drama,most especially personal taste.i was even praying for u and lee min ho to be couple,u guyz drama make me get addicted to korean films,i will continue watching korean films till i it up!! I saw son yejin in personnal taste and a walk to remember...She told her "husband, "Woo-Jin, that she would save a place for him in Cloudland, then looked away and kept still as tears welled up her left eye -- her sad and silent expression spoke volumes, even though we see only the side view of her face. Later, as she touched Woo-Jin's face and embraced him, there was something in her moves that portrayed profound sorrow and emotion. Well people loves how good-looking they are, its not their fault. If they do acted together, I would rest in peace happily ever after. I will watch her in anything (and I've pretty much watched everything she's ever done). Not like another beautiful actress who famous just because of their looks, Son Ye-jin also talented and her acting is really natural. I liked her and I said to myself i'll give shark a try...

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The cast of Tian he ju - 2006 includes: Winston Chao as Wang Hongtu Yulu Du as Zhu Zizhen Ye Liu as Min Huatang Qitong Mu Betty Sun as Zhu Wanqiu Kuirong Wang as Min Shounan Mi Yang as Zhu Yuqiu Rongguang Yu as Liu Yongfu Min Sun has: Played Bai Sha Zi in "Yuan Ye" in 1981.

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