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If your French is up to it, take it up a notch and try the wildly popular site OVS (literally Let’s Go Out) with at least 20 things proposed in Nice each day, from sports (tennis partners, kayak buddies, group runs) to cultural (‘let’s go to… You have to pay to join, but the parties are fun and the networking opportunities are vast.

There are Salsa Lessons somewhere, almost every night in Nice, click here for the current schedule. Regular Milangos are open to all and scheduled from 9pm on Thursdays Place Massena, Saturdays at Rauba Capau (on the Promenade des Anglais, around the point just before you get to the Port) and Tuesdays and Fridays at the MAMAC plaza (up the escalator at the Museum of Modern Art, off Place Garibaldi).

For more on Quiz Nights in Nice, check out Nice by Dark‘s post, “Are you the Smartest Person in Nice?

C'est le rendez-vous idéal pour rencontrer de façon rapide et sympathique des ami(e)s et/ou l'âme soeur tant recherchée sur Nice et dans toutes les villes voisines Monaco, Grasse, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Menton, Vence...

A group of singles gathers at a cafe or similar venue.

It is enough to make one tense and moody (sorry, couldn’t resist the corny joke) I have mixed feelings about this method, on one hand I think it would be better to present a concept, practice it for a longer time and let it sink in a bit before moving on.

On the other hand, I think maybe it is a good idea to get all of the grammar over with at the beginning so at least there is a vague familiarity with the structures and then let the rest come with practice.

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Next month I will be changing schools, hopefully for a slower paced class that will reinforce the grammar that I have ‘seen’.

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