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While these dates have yet to materialise into relationships, they gave me a chance to learn how well I gel with different personalities.Dating apps have so far yet to find me a significant other, but it has made me reflect on my status as a single woman and the idea of choice. But therein lies the paradox of choice - having too much choice is overwhelming.If the American dream is a white picket fence, the Singaporean ideal seems to go a little like this: Marry the man you meet in university, get a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat and upgrade it to a condominium in five years.As much as I cherish my solo dinners, movies and vacations, I still sometimes wish I lived that narrative.And there was the time I matched with the same guy, one year apart, on two different apps.Some might say that's meant to be but since both times started with him asking me for a purely sexual relationship ("kinky stuff") and ended with me saying No - I'm going to wager it's more amnesia than destiny.

Meeting people can be tiring simply because conversations get repetitive - who you are, what you do, where you grew up."Currently, there are more than 200 million people who list themselves as single on Facebook.We view this as an incredible opportunity to connect people, should they choose to explore meaningful relationships," said Facebook Dating's technical programme manager Charmaine Hung.Users have to create a separate profile and will be matched only with other users who have opted in.The service is also being launched in other countries, including Malay-sia, Vietnam, Brazil and Chile.

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