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Interestingly, taking a wife or husband doesn’t make much of a difference in the gameplay.

You’ll still be working through relationship stories with that person the same way you did before.

Caring for a baby can earn it the ‘Good Upbringing’ trait, which will make it more successful at all events when he or she grows up to be a full-fledged Sim. Time may hold all of us in its iron grip in the real world, but it doesn’t have the same kind of sway over the lives of Sims.

There doesn’t seem to be any time-related rhyme or reason to when the birthday cake might appear, and anecdotally, some players have reported being able to age babies into toddlers within a day of them being born. The strongest argument for having a baby is that it can grow up to be a fully playable adult Sim, eventually replacing the one you had to start the game. , including tons of tips and hints to aspects of the game that don’t revolve around dating, relationships and having children, be sure to check out our general guide that fills you in on how to get the most out of it without sinking in a bunch of money.Let’s start with the easiest part, which is how to get your Sim into a relationship in the first place, which thankfully is much easier and way less fraught with text and social media-inspired peril than it is IRL. When you first encounter any other Sim you’ve not already met, you’ll have a choice of three potential introductions: Friendly, Flirty and Confrontational.This initial choice controls which of the relationship storylines are immediately available to you, and unlike real world introductions, they always succeed. While the Friendly and Confrontational greetings are ones you’ll definitely want to test out for the stories they unlock, for our purposes, Flirty is the one you’ll be most interested in.Once you’ve gone on a first date — which once again go off with a 100 percent success rate, because The Sims Mobile is apparently a utopia in that regard — you’ll be able to access all the different romantic stories.At launch, these include: All of them offer different plots but play and progress in the same manner.

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You’ll also need to place them somewhere in your house or its surrounding lawn.

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