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Behaviors that are used to maintain fear, intimidation, and power over another person may include threats, economic abuse, sexual abuse or taking advantage of privilege.These behaviors may take the form of physical, sexual, emotional, and/or psychological violence.It might come across as 'cute' that your partner cares so much for you that he/she just wants to know everything you're doing.However, these types of behaviors are not ok and may be early warning signs of potential abuse. If a partner doesn’t want you spending time with friends or family and you begin to feel isolated, like you can’t talk to anyone but your partner without causing a fight or making your partner jealous, this is a problem.Relationship violence is a pattern of behavior in which one partner uses fear and intimidation to establish power and control over the other partner. This abuse happens when one person believes they are entitled to control another.It may or may not include sexual assault, physical abuse, and emotional abuse."Red flags" include someone who: Keep reading about these definitions, but remember to think about how they might look like on a college campus as opposed to what you see in movies or in the media.

These signs can help you intervene and speak with a teen about dating violence before it gets out of hand.Many times, teens who are involved in an abusive relationship will remain silent.They will not ask for help or seek guidance until after they have already suffered for a period of time.To wear down and control his/her victim, an abuser may use emotional harassment, physical contact, intimidation, or other means.The controlling behavior usually escalates, particularly if the object of the abuse tries to resist or leave.

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Relationship (Domestic) and Dating Violence on a College Campus Many times, when people hear 'domestic violence' they imagine a couple hitting and screaming, leaving bruises or even a hospital visit.

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