Sex chat hacked by internet

The researchers also found that the company's back-end cloud service for storing customer data was left wide open and exposed for anyone to find with an easily guessable web address.

Usernames, plaintext passwords, chat histories, and explicit image galleries that users created themselves were sitting in an database that an attacker could've easily dumped and downloaded, without needing a password.

Like the Internet of Dongs project, SEC Consult said more sex toy vulnerability reports are on the way.

As a result for Master Thesis by Werner Schober in cooperation with SEC Consult and the University of Applied Sciences St.

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An attacker could also gain access to the user's real names and home addresses.

The so-called Vibratissimo "panty buster" is a smart toy that connects through Bluetooth to a phone.

The Internet of Things (Io T) is a technology that comprises a myriad of devices connected to the internet and has evolved in such way that is present in many products used in a daily basis, from cars to home utilities.

Once taking this into account we see the arising of a new sub-category within the Internet of Things (Io T) named Internet of Dildos (Io D).

Pölten, it was discovered that sex toys from German company Amor Gummiwaren Gmb H and its cloud platform are affected by critical security flaws.

In an astonishing revelation, multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in “Vibratissimo” secy toys and in its cloud platform that compromised not only the privacy and data protection but also physical safety of owners.

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Do users of these legal and plentiful products not deserve the same privacy and security as we are demanding of all our other gadgets?

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