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Rated: 5 Duration: 106 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Mon, PST Yuri's distant cousin) Lee Ki Kwang aka Kikwang (loves Hyuna but admired by Hara) Yong Jun Hyung aka Junhyung (falls for Hyuna) Lee Joon aka ... Rated: 5 Duration: 206 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Sun, PST To read: friend is now writing the fanfic, please support! Kpop Hit – share the Kpop vibes — The best FREE game about Kpop ever: 👉 For Android: First he was embroiled in a scandal involving a night club The Burning Sun where he was an investor accused of fostering an environment of sexual assault and later closed down.On SBS 'Kang Shim Jang' Goo Hara will reveal her relationship with Gong Minji.She said, "I always looked over 2NE1's Gong Minji at an early age." and "Big Bang's Seungri is like my family.", which sparked curiousity.Rated: 5 Duration: 614 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Mon, PDT HAHA TEACYEON NICHKHUN WOOYOUNG JUNSU CHANGSUNG JUNHO DOO JOON HYUN SEUNG JUN HYUNG YO SEOB KI KWANG GOND WOON NICOLE GYURI SEUNGYEON HARA JIYOUNG ...

Rated: -1 Duration: 74 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Tue, PDT well it has been announced today that junghyung from boy group b2st or beast and hara from girl group kara are dating ! Rated: 4.3703041 Duration: 80 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Mon, PDT READ ME! Rated: 3.9135802 Duration: 70 seconds Video type: You Tube Hosted by: Mon, PDT Triangle love between Hara , Minho and Junhyung .

We’ll see how this unfolds in the coming days but if true it’s not only not surprisingly but a sad reminder of how dirty the industry back rooms are.

Kara's Goo Hara revealed that she spent time with 2NE1's Minji and Big Bang's Seungri when she was young.

While he was quiet during his brief meeting with reporters outside the police station, it is being reported that he did in fact admit to most of the gambling charges that were handed to him earlier by police.

However, he has denied the charge levied against him for using “Hwanchigi”, or unregistered foreign transactions that are used to circumvent detection by banks.

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