Sedating your dog for a flight

Read about the rules regarding dog height and weight, crate size and breed restrictions. Make your reservations as early as possible as many airlines have rules regarding the number of dogs allowed in the cabin on each flight.The website has a handy guide that addresses many of the major U. You should call the airlines to make your reservation to ensure that your dog has a reserved spot on the plane and to ask any questions that you might have so you’re prepared.Don’t feed them too much; the object here is to keep them occupied, not to fill their belly.

The states that in most cases dogs should not be given sedatives when flying as they can increase the likelihood of respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

If your pet is fussing, offer them a pet calmer by unzipping the carrier an inch or two and extending the treat to your pet. The drone of the engines should encourage them to rest unless there is too much activity in the cabin.

You should be able to extend a finger or two into the carrier for a head scratch so that your pet will know that you are still there. Pet travel on an airline can be challenging, but use a few tricks and a lot of love, and your pet will do just fine.

Every airline has its own rules regarding the number of pets allowed in the cabin on each flight.

Be sure to check your airline’s website for the list of rules and requirements and contact the airlines with any questions you may have ahead of time.

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The attendents will tell you that your pet must be stowed under the seat in front of you during take off and landing and we must all comply with that.

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