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It’s important to call them within 24 hours of you booking your own ticket online, because every airline has a restriction on the number of pets allowed on a given flight.If they have already reached a max number of pets with other customers, then they won’t accept yours.Let’s get started with this step-by-step guide on how to travel with a cat on a plane.I will take you through how to travel with a cat on a plane and what to expect in each step.If you have an emotional support animal, then some airlines require you to get a window seat, because emotional support animals are allowed to come out of the carrier to comfort the customer if the animal is smaller than an infant baby.

And since you can get a full refund of your ticket within 24 hours, you should call within the 24 hours of booking your ticket.Since the airlines have different methods, you can read about each one After filling out the forms and submitting, you are required to call the airline reservation (who can transfer you to the right department) that you filled out the forms at least 48 hours before you fly.What’s really annoying is that each airline has different dimensions of cat carrier that they allow as the maximum size.Why can’t there just be the one dimension that every airline adopts as the max size allowed?The reason why this is annoying is because when you buy a cat carrier that has a tag that says “airline-approved” and then bring it to your flight, you can get rejected at check-in for the carrier being too big. So, in order to ensure that your cat carrier does meet the requirement by the airline, here is a list of the cat carrier dimensions allowed by each airline.

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What’s an interesting finding from my research is that the Canadian airlines charge much lower fees for pet travel than the US airlines.

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