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Simply put, a good username for dating always builds interest.Ideally dating usernames should be: Keep it Short Check your dating site rules, find out the character length limit, and how many are actually displayed. musty_elbow: Hopefully, this name is not based on the truth. unfriend_now: If you like a more aggressive approach, go with this username. sleeping_beauty: This is a great username because everyone loves sleep. eat_my_dust: If you love gaming, go with this option. kiss-my-axe: Obviously, this is a play on words that you wouldn’t actually be able to use in a username. crazy_cat_lady: This is a good username if you happen to be a crazy cat lady. 1_wish_genie: If you only had one wish, what would it be? jelly_butt: This is cute, although it probably isn’t the perfect name for everyone. pop_tarts_lover: You can switch out pop tarts for anything else that you love. say_my_name: It was released years ago, but you may remember this phrase from American Pie. sinking_swimmer: This does not bode well for any future trips to the lake. whos_ur_buddha: You could also try a username like, “What_would_Buddha_do? fluffy_rabid: This is not the type of rabbit you would have as a pet. i_love_my_mommy: This is probably not the username you want on any professional site. name_not_important: If you like to stay out of the spotlight, this is a good way to show it. ignorant_writer: Again, this is probably not the best option if you are using the username for a more professional purpose. You also want a decent username because your username will be your first impression.

Often, your username will include something about your personality, your name or what you like. If your perfect username is taken, try adding an adjective in front of it. cowgirl_up: You could also change this to cowboy up. cereal_killer: Obviously, this is a play on the word “serial” and “cereal.” 50. It’s easy and is something that most people aren’t going to choose. can_dice: I am not even sure what this means, but it sounds good. bros_before_hoes: This is probably not the username to have on a dating site, but it would work for gaming. You can brainstorm lists of adjectives and nouns that you think would work well with your ideal username. You can use these funny usernames for any social media, dating or other website that you come across. username_copied: If you want to be original while sounding unoriginal, this is a good one to choose. Helpful Tips While you can choose any username you want, think carefully before you make your final decision. itchy_and_scratchy: This is another funny username.

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