Rehydroxylation dating sample

Mismatch of balance resolution to sample mass results in large variation in combined relative uncertainties, which vary by four orders of magnitude (approx.1-1160%) across recent experimental studies, rendering some recently reported dates meaningless.

In addition, it is shown that precision should be acceptable for recently fired material (less than 1 year).

The RHX process is the chemical absorption of atmospheric water by fired clay ceramic that proceeds by very slow nanoscale solid-state transport or single file diffusion into the clay body.

This resulted in the discovery of a new kinetic law that the extremely slow reaction kinetics of moisture expansion follow a time, etc.) units of time whether these units are seconds, minutes, days or years.

The rehydroxylation process is a chemical reaction and is based on temperature.

It has been shown that estimation of an “effective lifetime temperature” (ELT) for the location where the sample was obtained, provides a reliable temperature under which to perform the analysis to approximate the conditions seen by the sample during its lifetime.

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This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Quantachrome Instruments.

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