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This result says I’m g2g and he’s the perfect match I’m just 12 rather turned on April 18 and idc I love him 💖 and he likes me back he always looks at me and when I’m wrong corrects me and when someone tried to bring me down he protected me he fought that other person he respects me unlike other women but he also teases me a lot I mean and then compliments me I catch him staring like all the time and I drop signs too I look back C: Rahim I love you 😍 and I will always remember you although I know you’re moving out but god will have surprises in store for me and what if we meet further in the future huh! I really thought so a few weeks away when we were doing something in our Bible Study class where we had to draw our dreamhouse.I will always love and remember you and 2019 I’m ready for changes! When he described his, there was a part that went like this:"And our bedrooms by the video game room so we can hear our kids sneaking up to play." Teacher: "Who's 'we'?They all hit the road together and they all help each other change their perspectives on life.Trevor and Dot also develop the cutest crush on each other along the way.Okay, so i’m too aftraid that someone i know will find out about this comment so i’m keeping my name anonymus, i need a bit of advice. me and my crush are at the time 13 and idk, i usually catch him glancing at me in class, and when were doing projects he always kinda teases me fir little mistakes.Now these are only the good parts, there are a few more but this is starting to get really long.And then, 20 years later, when children leave their nests, spread their wings and fly away, couples are suddenly confronted with the fact that all they really have is each other. Someone once said, Keep your old love letters, throw away your bank statements, with good reason.Romance is one of the simple pleasures of life that make it beautiful and worth living.

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In this understated movie, a man named Ben suffering from the loss of his child takes on a new job as a caregiver for an 18-year-old boy named Trevor who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Ben and Trevor end up going on a road trip together to see the world's deepest pit and on the way, they come across a girl named Dot who's hitchhiking to Denver to restart her life after her mother's death.

If he starts talking to you agen and starts flirting with you agen, maby you should make the first move and probably ask him out, don’t be scared to make the first move. That will be awsome if you reply to me and tell me how it goes.❤️❤️Elle So, I've had a crush on this boy, with which I'm really good friends, for about three years.

We go to martial arts together, and tend to get paired up since we're very close in age and height(I'm older by a year and slightly shorter than him). Hey it says to almost all of yall its the perfect match even to me so his name is (cant tell u) and he is my best friend ,we are in the same 4rd grade class im 10 he is 10 he is one month older than me my bff think he likes but i told one of my bff that that boy likes her and its true he tuches me all the time he tried to hug me twice and he tels me god job when i do somethinge good or he give me a high five he is "popular" well he used to be but no one likes him only one of my bffs and her name is ava h e stares at me all the time well most of the time he sits next to me in music, in class and i think his bff likes me too !!!!

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