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But Easy varies significantly from episode to episode in its depth and naturalness.

Though Jo and Chase both embody certain qualities associated with millennials, Easy thankfully isn’t punitive about their youth. Chase, at one point, rubs her helmet in the grass to make it appear more used—all part of her plan to make Jo think she has always been a bike rider.

And we get to see both characters outside of each other, making it feel like more than just a love story.

Jo brings the same swaggering confidence to her petition work as she does to her interactions with Chase.

The episode captures that strange mixture of excitement and insecurity that comes with a new relationship, that push and pull between certainty and doubt that comes from the rush of falling for someone you’ve just met.

There’s a nervous energy to the episode, but it never feels fraught either.

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I talked to her about some of my own experiences, and she asked me some questions.

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