Phases of dating and courtship

Grooming talk can feel extremely risky, but it is a natural and critical stage of courtship.Although the words exchanged are often meaningless social banter, both partners’ voices shift.

Sabrina Paparella is a writer, content manager, and search strategist whose resume includes positions with Red Hen Press and Clique Brands Inc.Here are the 5 stages of courtship, as identified by extensive research. Many people claim to have little or no knowledge of how to flirt, yet true flirting is a nearly instinctive behavior that occurs with no foresight or planning.Universally, across vastly different cultures and social norms, women flirt with their eyes and heads, opening their eyes a bit wider and tossing their hair.If the other person responds in kind, a much deeper connection is established.In the final stage, the pair begin to synchronize their movements in a delicate, unconscious way.

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