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In a combination of shame, shock, and fear I declined the blood test- convinced of his visual diagnosis. Eventually I decided to try dating on a site exclusively for “H ” people. I would consider herpes a factor but it would not be a deciding one.I met and dated a number of women on the site over several years and had a couple of relationships. I know (accidentally) from personal experience it is very possible to have a long term sexual relationship with someone who has herpes without getting an infection.I never worked up the courage to tell my family and friends about the diagnosis. I have had a couple of meaningful relationships with women who “also” had it. But, I never actually even attempted to date a non-infected person. I just couldn’t handle the possible shame and rejection. Years laters I went to a new physician who insisted I take the blood test before he would renew my Valtrex prescription. And that is daily dosing of an antiviral mediation, which can help decrease viral shedding significantly so that your partner wont end up being exposed.""The misconception is that people with herpes are promiscuous, dirty people," says Dr.Loanzon, but as she can attest, "I had been a virgin of sexual intercourse when I was 20 years old.It makes you a person with one of the most common viruses in the population. If you have herpes, there are lots of way to lessen the symptoms of the virus. "Generally in medicine, we recommend people who have more than six outbreaks a year be put on daily suppression.However if you're dating, afraid of giving it to your partner, or just want the peace of mind – this would be the medication you would use."Things stop being taboo when we stop staying silent about them. Loanzon's book aims to do that by sharing her experience and journey.

Herpes is treated as a punchline in countless American comedies: the worst, most embarrassing thing that can happen to somebody when they have sex — a scarlet letter forever branding you for some horrible decision that you made, preventing you from ever finding love or engaging in sex ever again.There are a lot of reasons why someone should never feel ashamed about having herpes. Sheila Loanzon, OB/GYN and author of the newly published book, Yes, I Have Herpes, tells the story of her herpes diagnosis at 20 years old after having performed oral sex, before she had ever even had vaginal intercourse.The book details her diagnosis, shame, eventual acceptance, and new confidence in herself and her intimate relationships. During this phase in my life -that involved a lot of hook ups and reckless sexual behavior- I developed a weird rash on my genitalia.He halfheartedly offered a blood test to confirm the diagnosis “to be sure”. I stopped dating and all sexual activity for over a year.

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