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So no, I wouldn’t give up my life for a random woman on the street just to be a white knight hero. The entire feminist way of thinking has worked against me my entire life: am I suddenly supposed to switch my way of thinking to “women now need a man” when it comes at the time of greatest benefit to women, and puts myself in moral peril?It’s simply foolish, and that’s why I wrote this post.That you should jump in without a moment’s hesitation and save her.

The same women that have preached the feminist movement, shunned men in favor of careers, and forced men to learn game just to have a small chance at them are now demanding that German men lay down their lives for the cause. Which brings me to my question…Fifty years ago, this question wouldn’t even be a debate.

When it comes to a matter of life, death, and protection, men are now needed.

German men are being shamed to think that it is their duty to dive headlong to protect the women of the country.

If there were a large supply of women that were worth dying for, it’s that I would have married one of them (or been close to it) by now.

I’d be thinking about starting a family and how to best raise my children.

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