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“After much consideration and debate, the Church has decided to phase out singles wards entirely, with all members attending traditional congregations,” announced Jon S.Young, former LDS single and current head of the Latter-day Saint Marriage and Matchmaking department of the Church.

The church is speedily moving into the twenty-first century, and this is part of that change.

The church will begin to transition hundreds of thousands of LDS singles around the world into corresponding family wards and branches.

In areas with heavy single member populations like Provo, Utah, and Southern California, families with three children or more will be assigned to attend singles “clusters” in an effort to excite the unmarried Latter-day Saints to start their own families, but forever ending quiet sacrament meetings.

Foremost, ufah an LDS opinion has found "the one" with whom they extravagance to facilitate a modest, they will care to focus on behalf.

SALT LAKE CITY – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made an unprecedented announcement in a small press conference prior to the opening session of General Conference on Saturday.

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