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We decided he should live in the apartment while I was gone and start moving his stuff in. “I love it.”Turns out he had a ton of “art” I'd never noticed, most notably a three-foot-long original painting of the bathtub-fight scene from place, we had to make concessions for it to feel like a home.

Embracing the two-duvet system doesn't mean you're careening toward a teetotaling, sexless, separate-twin-beds lifetime together.When couples fail to do this, they unwittingly foster resentments that can last a lifetime. It says, “We disagree, but this fight is not worth it.” idly chatting about dog ownership.Suddenly, before either of us knows what's happening, we're arguing about whether to let our dog sleep in the bed.It's not just an aroma cleanser but a signal from afar, one that prevents you from having to say, “Wow, I just went all Jason Statham on the toilet.You might want to wait a sec.” And really, what's more considerate than that?

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