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As much as these ladies say their lives have overall improved and it probably would have taken a lifetime to achieve what they have, they maintain they do not do it out of greed but to enhance their lives.That said, we cannot turn a blind eye to the possible negative outcomes of such relationships, including murder of the young women and we are left wondering whether it really is worth it.“He was an understanding man and told me that if I ever wanted to get married, he would support me,” reveals Linda.

Linda,* now in her mid-30s, says she had a time of her life when she dated Tony, in his 50s, for the two years they were together.

Aida managed to find herself a man whom she suspects was not a day younger than 50. However, the relationship came to a sudden stop after the sponsor set his eyes on another student at the same university.

Aida, who was then in her second year, encountered some family problems so she had to go back to Arusha.

Moral judgement has no place in such relationships.

As Aida*, 26, a university dropout reveals: “You must be willing to forego any form of moral consciousness if you are determined to live a sponsored life,” she says.

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The Whatsapp group was used as a platform for female university students to get connections to wealthy men.

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