Mark paul gosselaar admits dating lark voorhies

The biggest challenge has been simulating a tornado with wind machines and dirt and debris.

Right when you walk on the set, you feel the energy of a tornado.

The thing about us is we still greatly enjoy each other.

If it weren't for her support it would be hard for me to do what I am doing now.

He admits to catching episodes from time to time, noting that it's like a "new experience" for him.

Actors are not all there when it comes to things like relationships.

Gosselaar played Zack Morris on the hit sitcom from 1989 to 1993 and it has been in syndication ever since then, continuing to introduce younger audiences to the cast.

It's not much of a shock to hear that Mark-Paul Gosselaar isn't on speaking terms with Screech actor Dustin Diamond.

Gosselaar's sporting interests include cycling, motocross and auto racing. He married advertising executive Catriona Mc Ginn in 2012, and the couple have two children.

Lists Saved by the Bell: Running Zack (1990), the episode where Zack explores and learns about his Native American heritage and forms a close bond with a local Indian, as his favorite episode of Saved by the Bell (1989).

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However, it is a bit surprising to hear that they haven't seen each other in 25 years.

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