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that before the establishment of training camps such as KF, the process of coaching contestants was typically done in a rush, with very little attention to detail or strategy applied.But, with the arrival of KF and its rival camp Aces and Queens, beauty queens in the Philippines became like athletes: trained methodically, and trained to win. When we teach them the right posture, the right [walk], when you leave [this place], you cannot go back to the way you were. Due to KF’s high-profile success, many women from overseas have gone straight to Flores seeking help with their pageant training.While these pageant insiders may not appear to be high-profile to the general public, within the industry, these men have created an inner network of lifelong friends, support groups, and tons of street cred.During his research for the book, Capili spoke to a well-known gay Filipino fashion designer who had been discovering and dressing up beauty pageant hopefuls since the 1980s, Renee Salud.Gay men play a crucial role in the world of beauty pageants here in the Philippines, both as fans and as industry insiders who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to train, dress, and promote pageant contestants into candidates capable of winning the crown.By working in these pageants, they gain lifelong friends who become like family.KF also helps contestants source their costumes and gowns. Also notable is the fact that KF doesn’t charge Filipino students a single cent for their services.This means that despite its success, Flores and the rest of the KF team — many of them also gay men — still need to keep their day jobs.

Anyone familiar with the culture understands this Pinoy Pride that Capili describes.

As he chatted with — and admittedly fawned over — her, it hit Cabachete how far he’d come since he was a young boy strutting in front of his TV.

Cabachete’s fervor for beauty pageants is something he shares with thousands of gay Filipino men, a small number of whom play a huge part in the development and success of candidates.

Flores grew up in Pateros where his father and grandfather worked as politicians. He tells us that he didn’t like speaking much back then. Then, Miss Universe 1974 arrived in Manila, and Flores’ world changed.

In 1995, however, a then-colleague at a Japanese firm who knew about Flores’ obsession with pageants asked him to guide a female friend who hoped to win the beauty contest Beautiful Girl, a segment in the long-running noontime show Flores accepted and worked alongside his cousin Gio Flores, a fellow pageant fanatic, to coach the woman — who ended up winning. In 1996, Flores left his successful career as an engineer and founded KF with Gio.

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Flores and his team of nine teach aspiring queens everything they need to know to win, from acing the Q&A portion of the contest to walking, makeup, and hair styling.

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