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Every song on Love Swings, peels back the layer of commercialism that has blinded the music listening public, exposing us all to the wonderful sounds of a genre unappreciated for far too long. The performance is planned for Saturday, August 29th from 12.30 bis 15.30 clock at the Bergedorfer Schloßstraße 16.

Whether he’s singing original Ike Moriz tunes like “Tuscany” and “Love Swings”, or covering a classic jazz standard like “Fly Me To The Moon” by Bart Howard, Ike’s smooth baritone vocal (reminiscent of Bing Crosby) will melt the hearts of sophisticated ladies everywhere. The last chance to see the singer live this year in Germany will be on Friday September 4th at the restaurant Goldener Hirsch in Reinbek: An evening with a combination of music and food.

Here he lives with his wife and daughters, who inspired him in many songs. At the Belami he will present, among other songs, his new album "At Last".

It’s the perfect time of year for Ike Moriz to release an album like Love Swingsbecause, the sound matches that of the annual holiday season we are now in, and it easily appeals to the “Christmas spirit” that so many in the U. refer to when describing the giving mood they are in. Once again, South African Ike Moriz is a guest at the 'Belami'.The world has such wealth in history, culture and art.You can’t help but getting inspired.” Love Swings is written in the style of the great American songbook and the golden era of swing, but unlike many of the swing legends Moriz has writ- ten a number of the songs on his 16th album himself.“Great crooners like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tom Jones hardly ever wrote their own material,” he points out.“This album contains seven of my own compositions as well as my interpretations of six “This album and an earlier album of mine (Siren Terpsichore, released in 2013) was written to create original standards in the style of the old classics: catchy, timeless and uplifting songs to capture the human condition.”“The music has a strong uplifting and calming effect on me.I love how it makes me feel, even though I’ve always thought of it as being too ‘old-school’ for me to sing in public, as I always wrote and performed rock and pop music in the past.

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Overall, Love Swings is an album that would be enjoyed by any jazz music fan itching to get their hands on a new album that offers a classic live sound like that of Bacharach and Bennett. On Thursday, 13th August his fans can experience him performing solo at the infamous Belami, Holtenklinker Str.26 from 8.30pm.

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