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A very small hole is drilled to the lower part of the pin.

Another, matching small hole is drilled through the middle of the pin-hole in the trigger.

It’s also a good idea to ‘advertise’ your security with stickers indicating that your place is alarmed and/or that your valuables are identification-marked.

Business / commercial security: Commercial security is important to protect your business and also to provide a safe working environment.

Though these surviving examples are more recent, it is possible the lever and pin trigger and the thumb lever and string-catch trigger designs are equally very old forms of crossbow locks (dating at least back to the early Middle Ages or late antiquity).

There are a few generic ways to optimize the smoothness of the release with this type of lock: Here we describe the following variant: The trigger lever operates in a shallow groove carved to the stock. The sides of the groove are rounded, so that yanking the trigger sideways does not split them.

The front part of the groove becomes noticeably deeper right after trigger's pivot point.

Designing simple thumb lever and string-catch crossbow locks - Sister article, about the closely related, but mechanically somewhat different crossbow lock design.

The purpose of locks today has not changed from ancient times, even if the process of manufacturing has. Today of course locks and parts are able to be mass-produced; and modern locksmiths are involved in installing high-quality locking systems, and more advanced forms of security such as key controlling systems, electronic lock services and access control for businesses.

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