Localkinkydating com teacher dating ex student

It was also an increase in his responsibilities, but it also meant a pay raise.

In addition to that, two years ago he’d been named the head of Sorrellson’s development and expansion committee.

But depending on where he knew them from, his professional life could get…complicated.

He had a damn good job at Sorrellson Academy, teaching history and art.

Especially if they were parents of students of his, or fellow coworkers.

At least they’d be here for the same reason he was—they were kinky.

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Suncoast Society Judgment of the Moon and Stars Noah’s deep in the closet partially because of his high-profile job, but mostly because of his ultra-conservative family.

He’s never been with a guy before, until a night at the Toucan resort with Jackson turns his world upside down in the best way possible.

Except a work emergency calls him away before he gets Jackson’s last name…or phone number.

After a chance encounter in the unlikeliest of places, Jackson knows he’s willing to do whatever he must to convince Noah this could be for life.

Except Noah’s family is a problem and could cause problems for both of them.

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