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The Church went through a golden age, and held significant power and worldwide influence during this period.Assyrian communities sprang up throughout Central Asia, and missionaries from Assyria and Mesopotamia took the Christian faith as far as China, with a primary indicator of their missionary work being the Nestorian Stele, a Tang dynasty tablet written in Chinese script found in China dating to 781 AD that documented 150 years of Christian history in China.This article is about the Eastern Catholic church based in Iraq.For its members as an ethnoreligious group, see Chaldean Catholics.Subsequently, however, the two then-remaining Catholic successors of the original patriarchal line unified in 1830 in Mosul, remaining in uninterrupted full communion with Rome until this day.

However, his successors in the 17th and 18th centuries provoked a time of turbulence, with splits of varying connections to the Papacy.Employing the East Syriac Rite in Syriac language in its liturgy, it is part of Syriac Christianity by heritage.Headquartered in the Cathedral of Mary Mother of Sorrows, Baghdad, Iraq, since 1950, it is headed by the Catholicos-Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako.For the Assyrian Church of the East in India see, see Chaldean Syrian Church.For the historical church, see Church of the East.' Catholic Church of the Chaldeans') is an Eastern Catholic particular church (sui juris) in full communion with the Holy See and the rest of the Catholic Church, with the Chaldean Patriarchate having been originally formed out of the Church of the East in 1552.

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For this reason, the Assyrian Church has never approved the Chalcedonian definition.

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