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And here’s Jordan in some prime real estate: Overtime to Shine Jordan Staal dominated the first NHL season of three on three overtimes and it’s so impressive that, even though the sample size isn’t very large, I couldn’t leave it out of this article.Of the 52 NHL players to play 20 minutes or more in the 3v3 OT here’s where Jordan ranked: Jordan is a stifling presence on the ice even when there’s tons of space.Things have changed since then and, as the team takes gradual steps to move away from icons of the past in its effort to regain former glories, only one Staal remains. While his brother’s point totals declined significantly in his last year in Raleigh, Jordan had his best year in red yet.Finding incredible chemistry with Andrej Nestrasil and the recently acquired Joakim Nordstrom, Jordan put up 20 goals for the first time as a Hurricane and was two points shy of 50.

Next season the young Canes team will need Jordan to continue improving from his impressive 15-16 season for the Canes to pressure for a playoff spot.Defensive Guy It’s easy to take for granted that Jordan had the season he did while also being the team’s most capable and utilized defensive forward but we shouldn’t.Among all NHL forwards that played 1,000 minutes at 5v5, Jordan had the 18th highest Defensive Zone Start % (DZS%) at 33.64%.Check out my Tableau page to see the few not included here. A few percentage points in adjusted Corsi is the difference between a good team and a dominant team.In Joakim Nordstrom’s 200 minutes without Jordan his CF% was 16% lower than when they were together for 700 mintues.

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