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Make sure the Imam recites the prayer loud enough for the women to hear if they are in another part of the house.Also, encourage women to pray in Jamaah if there are no men present.Get the eldest to be in charge and to delegate responsibilities for younger siblings.Responsibilities include keeping the Masjid clean, waking people up for Fajr, calling the Adhan, etc.After living in a Muslim neighborhood and attending Islamic activities regularly, teens in many cases will develop a friendship with other Muslims their age. Help them establish a youth group, not just to learn about Islam, but to go to the amusement park together, go swimming, etc.Have meetings at members' houses on a weekly or bimonthly basis.

Any requests for materials to be added to the collection have to go through him or her.This way, teens will feel a part of the family, included and needed.Delegate a room, part of the basement or the living room as the home Masjid. Make this Masjid entirely the responsibility of the kids.Respecting your teen means not treating them like inept babies, but like maturing adults, not talking down to them or humiliating and insulting them.It means involving them in useful activities around the home and seeking their opinions on matters of importance. See if you can find old letters from your parents in Malaysia or Lebanon and pass the stamps on them to her. Visit his site, post a congratulatory e-mail on the message board and offer some suggestions for the site.

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