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And when you’re turning twenty and I’m not a teen anymore, and I’m not necessarily into pop music anymore like where is my identity here?

And so I started realizing that Skye Sweetnam the artist was not necessarily everything that I was as a person.

RSC: Your career got off to a great start with Noise From The Basement it charted on the Billboard album chart, So why was Sound Soldier not released in the US?

Within a week I went from the idea that my record was going to be released worldwide and was just about to be mastered to the fact I was on a shelf and they weren’t gonna put out my record.RSC: What was it like opening for Britney Spears playing to all those big crowds so early in your career? What sixteen year old wouldn’t want to be traveling the world, playing for thousands of people having a blast. SS: If you notice I kind of have two alter egos going on.SS: It was intense, it prepared me for anything people can throw at me now. The reason I’ve done that is I feel I want to be able to express myself like, dark rocker, crazy mixing metal with dance hall, and all the elements I love in Sumo Cyco.Unfortunately I wasn’t able to release it there but at least it got released. It was kinda funny because the song that Canada ended up choosing was opposite from what the US was going to do.RSC: I feel “Scary Love” from Sound Soldier should have been huge. Their first choice was “Music Is My Boyfriend” or “Boyhunter” as the first single.

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Because that’s what I grew up as ever since I was thirteen years old.

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