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If you've received a message, we wanted to provide you with the option to talk to a trained and confidential crisis counselor.Contacting Crisis Text Line is entirely up to you, but we feel strongly in empowering every player with the tools to maintain their wellbeing.Stay Safe Solicitation Cheating Account Tampering Account Theft Phishing Marketplace Theft Gamerscore Corrections Game DVR and Upload Gamertag and Real Name Harassment Impersonation Clubs Custom Images Wellness First, safety: solicitation lets people profit from malicious and unauthorized activities that pose a danger to our members, such as cheating and account theft.Second, fairness: imagine the frustration someone feels if he or she spends hours working towards a particular achievement or rank, only for someone else to buy or get that rank without actually earning it.

Many enforcements are straightforward, such as suspensions issued as a result of harassment or profane content.While nearly anyone can join or create a Club, in certain situations we may restrict certain Club features or even participation in Clubs when a Club is used to harass others, promote inappropriate content, or otherwise violate the Microsoft Services Agreement or Code of Conduct.Certain Xbox Live features, such as your Gamerpic and Club background, allow you to upload custom images.The most common way account theft happens is when someone shares their Microsoft Account email and password with somebody else.Phishing is any attempt to get information from another person (such as an email address or password) by pretending to be trustworthy.

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