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The ICHD-3 online service enables fast digital access to all information of the international headache classification.

The ICHD-3 beta version continues to be available digitally and can be seen for comparison purposes.

The ICHD-3 website makes it very easy to understand and follow the precise organisation and content of the current classification, making the practical application in the clinical field and in research simpler than ever before.

The three main chapters and the appendix are listed in the main menu.

We have kept this momentum for 30 years, and the superiority of our classification became evident recently during the committee work in Geneva on the neurological section of ICD-11.

No other discipline within neurology has such a systematic classification with explicit diagnostic criteria for every disease entity.

My hope is that the active field testing and scientific analysis that have been done for ICHD-3 will continue, allowing future changes to be entirely evidence-based.

Finally, a cross-walk between ICHD-3 and WHO’s ICD-11 will be made by Professors Timothy Steiner and Jes Olesen as soon as the codes for ICD-11 become available.

Modified ICHD-II diagnostic criteria for 1.3 until ICHD-3 beta appeared years later.

A future headache classification committee should similarly be able to endorse and support the adoption of new or revised diagnostic criteria before publishing ICHD-4 when they are substantiated by good field-testing studies published in ICHD-I took headache classification from being one of the worst-classified neurological diseases to being the best.

Currently available translations of ICHD-3 and ICHD-3 beta can be viewed in the downloads section.

The information about classification and diagnosis of headaches is supplemented by original documents and accompanying materials including lecture presentations and media library.

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A long journey that started in 2010 has ended with the publication of ICHD-3, but the present committee has still much to do for a couple of years.

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