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Not being the least bit tipsy for a month made me realize something important: I am terrible at noticing when other people are drunk.Because I'm not with them on their drinking journey, I'm confused as to why a friend would take three tries to find a bathroom or heartily laugh at more than two of my jokes.We mentally bookmarked the sleek new bars we passed by, hoping that us looking forward to drinking again wouldn't mean us slinking back into the old habits we were so eager to lose.

In order to feel like decent patrons, we tried everything from espresso soda to fancy mocktails, but the most commonly available option was soda.And, outside of when I was catching up on Trump news, I kind of agreed.OK, so, even if all the side effects of not drinking had been unanimously, undoubtedly wonderful, we started to miss the comforting simplicity of ordering a beer or having wine at a friend's place.When we started the terrifying transition from friends to friends-who-sleep-together, frozen Negronis were a staple. Whiskey makes us both kind of moody and has led to some bizarre fights we couldn’t really make sense of in the morning. We once each got two margaritas at dinner one night, and the bill still haunts me.And when we were finally a real couple, wine in mugs and a Halloween movie marathon was honestly perfect, 12/10, would recommend. That’s why this year, we decided we'd try and reach another milestone: We'd both completely cut out drinking.

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We quickly learned that people will support and even admire your dry month, but they will also support you if you cheat.

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