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The example tells Maven to contact the remote repo (Nexus in my case, Maven Central if you're not using your own remote repo) any time Maven needs to retrieve a snapshot artifact during a build, checking to see if there's a newer copy. If there is a newer copy Maven downloads it to your local repo.In the example, for releases, the policy is I haven't studied yet, when Maven does which look-up, but to get stable and reproducible builds, I strongly recommend not to access Maven Respositories directly but to use a Maven Repository Manager such as Nexus.I checked settings.xml, nothing for checksum policy for snapshots repo.I checked our org pom and the checksum policy is set to warn for the snapshots repo, so I presume the job output resembles that policy.[INFO] Error installing artifact's metadata-------------------------------------------Key: MINSTALL-54URL: Maven 2.x Install Plugin Issue Type: Bug Affects Versions: 2.2Environment: Windows XPReporter: geoff simpson[INFO] Error installing artifact's metadata: Error installing metadata: Error updating group repository metadataend tag not allowed in epilog but got / (position: END_TAG seen ...\n Looks like there might be an issue with updates to during the mvn install task. We are using maven, and being that we have to support multiple versions of our product we sometimes have a 1.x and 2.x build structure going on.That sounds that you are using the same local repository for all your build jobs which will not work as you already know.The point in Jenkins/Hudson/CI is to use a local maven repository for every build job.

-not sure what this step tries to do).1) Is it considered best practice to switch checksum behavior to fail.for snapshots repositories?

Maven 2.2.1Archiva 1.2.1Hudson 2.0.0Hi, It appears that we have a corrupt metadata file for one of our projects.

Here is a snippet of the output from the failing job:[WARNING] *** CHECKSUM FAILED - Checksum failed on download: local = 'cd315359376ec31bb4e3213a368618ecc7beca1e'; remote = '8de5987a48151f2d923dda8dd28797d07c15d4d6' - RETRYING[WARNING] *** CHECKSUM FAILED - Checksum failed on download: local = 'cd315359376ec31bb4e3213a368618ecc7beca1e'; remote = '8de5987a48151f2d923dda8dd28797d07c15d4d6' - IGNORING.........[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------[ERROR] BUILD ERROR[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------[INFO] Error installing artifact's metadata: Error installing metadata: Error updating group repository metadatain epilog non whitespace content is not allowed but got 4 (position: END_TAG seen ...\for that project on the server hosting Archiva, and confirmed the xml is malformed (per the line number in the error).

Please elaborate if you can.2) Should I simply delete \maven-metadata.xml? Do I need to run Update Consumers (validate-repository-metadata Verify repository metadata files against database) in Archiva?

3) Any good documentation on maven metadata, and how local maven repo files are updated versus those on the MRM machine?

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