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Be the first to hear this new original music performed live by Howie D.himself in this special event performance making its debut on The Rose stage!Tickets that have not been claimed five minutes prior to the show may be released or sold.Dorough's love and passion for entertainment started when he was three years old, begun by jumping on his grandparents' bed, singing "Babyface" with his little guitar.He started performing around age six or seven, thanks to his sister, singing during mass in church choir and having his first role in the musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz as a singer and actor.Throughout elementary school, his mother enrolled him in children's community theaters and performed in many community theater productions of top musicals, among them "Sound Of Music", "Showboat" and "Camelot" and got him in singing/voice and acting lessons by putting him in a performing arts academy where he also took dance lessons in classical ballet, tap, and jazz. He did Little League once before switching to the arts.Show tickets are available at Will Call, if not picked up earlier.Lobby doors will open 45 minutes prior to the show.

His national anthem mess was forgotten as the screams filled the auditorium and everyone jumped to their feet.

One day, he was asked by his choir teacher to perform the National Anthem at his high school basketball game and he agreed but when he stood up to sing, his mind went blank! Despite the extreme embarrassment, he got right back on his horse and began performing again when he sang 'Unchained Melody' at his school talent show, and got a standing ovation when he hit the high note.

Girls had tears in their eyes and boys looked on in envy.

He didn't particularly like this, but his agent believed it would help him to get discovered.

Although he enjoyed it his entire life, like his bandmates AJ and Nick, he too was a victim of bullying as a child for his lack of Spanish language, his falsetto vocal range when he was 12 and his weight.

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