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Due to external circumstances, not of our own making and very much beyond our control, we were forced to move premises.We incurred huge costs that would have sunk most companies of our size.It’s a common problem, as I’m sure many business owners would agree, that is dealing with the day-to-day minutia to maintain financial viability.My immediate aim is to get TOAD® to a place where it’s got strong working capital behind it, is well administrated, and allows me more time to focus on strategy and business development.

We aim to expand our reputation for providing customers unprecedented freedom to choose, which will be enabled by building on our existing proprietary technologies.

This has given us total in-house control and means we deliver consistent quality and rapid delivery times to all our customers. You start with something in your head, a concept that gets talked through with your team, and then turned in to something real and tangible that you can deliver.

Knowing you have the ability to do that is most empowering.

Affectionately known as just ‘TOAD’, the company specialises in the design and manufacture of personalised and customised stationery items such as diaries, journals and planners. It was a pretty simple request, except it was March.

There were a lot of offers on in stores, but it seemed like a waste not to use the first few months of the January-start diary.

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